Best Places for Adventure Safaris in Uganda

Travelling to Africa creates sheer adventure to those looking for challenging and testing experiences. The continent houses some of the most interesting adventure sites and activities which may be hard to find elsewhere in the world, with remote and modern sites waiting to be explored by adventure enthusiasts. 

Uganda, a destination proclaimed as the "Pearl of Africa" in particular is an otherworldly and classic adventure tourism destination in Eastern Africa with an array of sites offering bewildering adventure tryouts to travellers. On its menu of adventures are activities like Mountaineering or Hiking/Trekking or Climbing, Bungee jumping, Rafting particularly on the world's longest mighty river; The Nile and Abseiling/ Rappel. 
Uganda offers both core adventure safari experiences to soft adventures.

Prepare to hike some of the best places on the African continent on your Adventure Uganda Safaris such as the Rwenzori Mountains also known as the "Mountains of the Moon". It is the highest block mountain on the continent, with its highest peak being Margherita on Mount Stanley at 5,109 meters, Vittorio Emmanuelle on Mount Speke at 4,889 meters and Edward on Mount Baker at 4,842 meters, other peaks are available to non-experienced hikers who would love to explore Rwenzori (a complete trek takes 7 and 10 days depending on the set-off trail head).

Mount Elgon which is located in the Eastern part of the country also offers you exciting and excellent hiking adventure safaris in Uganda. Its highest point is the Wagagai summit standing at 4,321 meters with the summit having the world’s largest Caldera at 40 Square Km long and 8 kilometer diameter. Mount Elgon is an appealing destination to both specialized (professional) and non-specialized hikers with other peaks such as Sudek at 4,303 meters, Koitobos at 4,222 meters and Mubiyi standing at 4,210 meters. A complete hiking adventure of Elgon starts from 4 days.

Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda 
Close to Elgon are thrilling sites like the Sipi Falls just outside Mount Elgon National Park, whose summit command stunning views of the neighboring regions. Situated in a lush and scenic environment, visitors who make it to the Sipi area and falls find it as one of the most beautiful place to be at in the Eastern part of Africa.

Another tempting site to hike is the majestic Virunga ranges in southwestern Uganda where Gorilla tracking can be supplemented by ascent of the three volcanos in Mgahinga National Park, that is; Muhavura at 4,127 meters, Sabinyo at 3,669 meters and Gahinga at 3,474 meters. The country has an endless list of hiking places spread almost across every region to note; Morungole Ranges in Kidepo Valley National Park, the Crater field and trail (top of the world hike) in Western Uganda (Fort Portal area) among others. On the menu of adventure activities is Rafting on the Imposing waters of the mighty river Nile.
The Avens Travel World and ATW Holidays Africa safari specialists will customize the best adventure package/ itinerary ranging from 1day treks, rafting or bungee jumping to more days' involving hiking trails of 7 days and above as well as combinations of different adventure activities or adventure with combos of other activities like Game viewing, Gorilla Tracking adventures among others all tailored in one perfect itinerary.


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